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A Writing Challenges Journal for the Uninspired Muse..

...or for when (s)he's raging and needs to be set free

Writing Challenges For the Uninspired Muse
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The idea behind The Dead Muse was a collaboration between surria and poeticalsuicide when they discovered the joy of writing prompts.  After role playing together for more than eight years, they found that their muses would leave them in the dark (otherwise known as Writer's Block).  Once they started using writing prompts, they chose to start this community.  They hope that you find it as useful as they do.

To participate in a challenge, reply to the challenge post to announce that you will be joining the challenge.  Challenges will only be posted by the moderators.  You have two weeks from the challenge start date to make your challenge post in the community.  Be sure to use the following layout when posting your challenges, unless the challenge posts instructs otherwise:

Challenge Name:  (Name of the challenge)
Rating/Warning:  (G = General, NC-17 = Mild Language, R = Heavy Language/Sexuality, Etc.)
Word Count(Optional):  (How many words is your work)
Author's Notes (Optional):  (Anything you wish to add)

Put all of the rest of the challenge post behind a LiveJournal Cut.  You can see how to use them in the rules section.

When a challenge closes, members of the community will vote on their favorite stories in a comment screened post.  This will assure there are no hard feelings and only the moderators will be able to access those votes.  The winners of the challenges will receive one icon based off of their work of art as well as a banner to post on their LiveJournals.

Keep in mind that we're looking for more than one or two lines. (Unless they are GREAT lines!)

  1. Criticism:  Only constructive criticism is allowed.  Any harassment or destructive use of your words will be grounds for immediate removal from the community and a lifetime ban.  There will be no warnings.  this does not mean you cannot have your characters be 'mean'.  It means that you will not be cruel to other members of the community.

  2. Challenge Posting:  Put every challenge behind a LiveJournal cut.  This rule is in place to assist in keeping everyone's friends list manageable.  No one likes to be inundated with too many images let alone short stories.

  3. Advertising:  There is to be no advertising of other communities.  This means no advertisment posts or recruiting members of TDM to join your other communities.  If you would like to advertise, we suggest searching LJ for promotion sites as there are many of them floating around.  If you do advertise in this community, your advertising posts will be deleted without notice and if it continues, you will be banned from the community.

  4. FanFic:  When posting anything in the realm of Fan Fiction, you must add a disclaimer to your post.  It is your responsibility to verify that it is legal to use the original author's creations in your works.  TDM will not be held responsible for your actions if you are to go against these this rule.  Your disclaimer must be something of this sort:

    Disclaimer: The world of Harry Potter, its characters and settings are the copyrighted works of J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., her publishing companies and affiliates. No profit was made from the writing of this story nor was any malice intended in any way, to the author and/or the actors who have brought them to life.
    This author and community is not responsible for underage readers. Please observe the ratings, warnings, and age of legal consent for your country.

    In addition to your regular posting format, you must add:

    Original Creator:  (Original creator's name)
    Disclaimer:  (Disclaimer here)

    If you have been found to violate these terms, you will have your challenge submission removed from the community and even be banned.  This may seem harsh but many of us were around during the 'Great Community Purge' and we will not have TDM be a target.  So, if you have any doubts what so ever about the legality of your FanFic, do not post it to this community.  It's better that you are safe than all of us be sorry.

  5. Most Important:  Most of all, have fun!

When viewing TDM at the site itself and not your friend's list, you will notice a few things.  One being the current challenges and their end dates on the left hands side and the tag list on the right hand side.  The current challenges list is a list of direct links to challenges that are currently open.  Under the challenge names are the end dates for ease of use.  The list of tags is much smaller than the actual number of challenges that have been completed.  This is to help you find your way around the recent challenges with ease.  Tags are for your use and ours...  It helps you keep up to date with what has been going on and it helps us mods find your posts for awards and voting!

Though, if you are looking for our archived challenges, you may either click the 'Ancient Challenges' link at the top navigation bar or you can click here.  These are our memories and as such, they are our archive.

Admin Note:
Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community of people.  Let's resurrect those dead muses together and hone our writing craft!

Admin surria
AIM:  feralemotions
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